Donald Trump spanks reporter giving her some much needed gender equality

Jim Campbell's

crew-2231211This is so typical of the press.

They follow the Clinton script on Trump, Russian Hackers, and  Hillary’s E-mails but couldn’t give a damn about serious issues as they refuse to do the necessary investigation to make an intelligent report.

It’s great to have a candidate and future president like Donald Trump who will get in their faces.

Can you imagine what the tenor of White House press conferences will be like in the future?


Breitbart’s Big Journalism

Joel B. Pollak

July 28, 2016

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania — The reason Donald Trump’s comments Wednesday morning about Russian hackers and Hillary Clinton’s missing emails have become such a big deal is that the mainstream media were told today to make them so.

To be precise: Hillary Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon told the morning press briefing at the Democratic National Convention that the main theme of the day, and especially the evening speeches…

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