Female Army Officers With The Coveted Green Beret In Their Sights

The Silent Soldier

imageedit_2_5632509127 Field Florida, Airborne Engages, Green Berets, Special Forces, Fire Training, Forces Green, Training Exercise, 3Rd Special. (Photo: Public Domain)

July 26, 2016

By Lorra B.

Two female Army officers have been accepted into the Special Forces training program with the hope of the Green Beret in their sights.

Maj. Melody Faulkenberry, a spokesperson for the Army’s John F. Kennedy Special Welfare Center, stated that the women could report to the program by October.

“It would be publicly unfair to name the women or provide information about their service backgrounds,” stated Faulkenberry. “We want to allow the soldiers the same opportunities everyone else has to attend Special Forces Assessment and Selection,” she said. “If their names came out, it could possibly change the way they are treated … or add undue pressure on them in a course that is already very demanding.”

Out of 340 soldiers, both men and…

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