Finding North direction and time by any bright star.

Additional survival tricks

NorthByKnownStarby tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

Most people living in the Northern temperate and arctic zones know how to find the star Polaris to find North direction and can even tell time by the orientation of the Little Dipper (part of the Little Bear). But Polaris is not an easily seen bright star and may even be hidden from view for people in Tropical zone and in Southern Hemisphere.

This posting shows how to use ANY arbitrarily known star to find North direction and time, and is useful to non-users of Polaris star. The method is similar to that given previously using the Sun [1] and is useful when only one bright star is visible in an unclear sky (affected by thick clouds or pollution).

The divider compass in this posting is only for instructional purpose and is not needed in actual application. The user may use any two of his fingers…

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