Dose of Truth: Don’t Ever Insult An American Hero and Expect To Walk Away Without a Black Eye

The Tactical Hermit

Here’s something to get your Day off Right: Buzz Aldrin, 72 Year Old Veteran (at the time of this video being filmed) Astronaut and Bonafide American Hero Punching some jerk-wad “Conspiracy Nut” with diarrhea of the mouth Right in the Face when he called him a “fake and a coward”.  I’m sorry folks you don’t call a man who fought for his country (Flew 66 Combat Missions in Korea, Shooting Down two Mig 15’s) Not to mention being one of the first two men to walk on the friggin’ moon a liar and a coward! Good for you Buzz!! -SF

You can Read the Background on this Video at Task and Purpose

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