Detecting Counterfeit Currency, US dollars

Additional survival tricks

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

When traveling oversea you may have to use US currency. However, this currency is the target of many counterfeiters and if you are unfamiliar with it and cannot distinguish between real money and counterfeit money you may suffer substantial loss. Counterfeit notes are not rare in South East Asia.

This posting shows the most effective ways to distinguish between real and counterfeit money. You need no tool for most of these tests but you may need to carry a genuine $5US note with you all the time as your sample (a smaller note of $1US may do).

The tools for some of the tests are: A LED torch, a fridge magnet and a high power (x10) magnifying glass.

1. Security band using hologram.

HologramHologramMagnFigure 1: Composite photos of a stretched out $100US note. The “stretched dollar” has four blue security bands instead of one. Each band…

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