Remains of Ancient Greek Naval Base Discovered Near Athens.

Maritime Cyprus

A TEAM working off the coast of Athens has uncovered the remains of an ancient naval base, estimated to be about 2,500 years old.

Some 2,500 years ago, a severely outnumbered Greek naval fleet managed to halt a force of invading Persians in a decisive clash fought in the narrow strait between the Greek mainland and the island of Salamis. Essential to the Greek victory were some 200 three-banked warships, known as triremes. When not in battle, these all-important vessels were housed in a massive naval facility in Athens’ seaport, Piraeus. As part of a recent excavation of Piraeus Harbor, a team of Danish and Greek marine archaeologists discovered the remains of an ancient naval base estimated to date to between 520 and 480 B.C., the year the Battle of Salamis took place. With six sheds, each designed to hold hundreds of vessels, the complex would have been one of…

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