Rand Paul: Rule of Law Turned Upside Down!

Sonora del Norte Press

banana republicSenator Rand Paul went off on Clinton today after hearing the FBI verdict that they will NOT pursue criminal charges against Hillary Clinton. Paul called the FBI’s decision “an outrage and the rule of law has been turned upside down.” He called the FBI’s decision “astounding” and said the decision “degrades Americans faith in the justice system.” You bet! And I might add it proves to everyone that this country has TWO justice systems. One for the rich elites and another for all of us poor SERFS!!

Hilary Clinton violated classified procedures numerous times while Sec of State under Obama and she recklessly endangered national security to the tune of at least 110 times as the FBI director said at least 110 of her emails violated the law. The FBI director seems to have been making excuses for Hillary but warned anyone else caught doing the same would suffer consequences!…

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