Billionaire Donor To Clinton Foundation Caught Funding DNC Illegal Voting Scheme: Has Ties With Hillary

John A Pappas

Have you noticed that wherever there is something shady going on Hillary Clinton has her footprints on it and that’s not just now lets say the last 45 years ever since she was fired for lying on the Committee to Impeach President Nixon and as we see she hasn’t learned anything from it. Why is that? Because she has been allowed to get away with her crap except for that one time. Just recently I wrote of the fact that Hillary was caught with two calendars and to the people who say what’s wrong with that the answer is anything done on government business is We The People’s business. Now we learn that big-time Clinton donor and Swiss billionaire Hansjong Wyss funded $100 million to influence the results of the 2016 election that was found out from a DNC email that was leaked by the hacker Guccifer that I have…

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