Attorney General Loretta Lynch Must Recuse Herself From Hillary’s Private Server Email Case: Lynch Had A Meeting With Bill Clinton On A Private Jet

John A Pappas

So here we go, how obvious can it be when Attorney General Loretta Lynch is giving an appearance of personal involvement in Hillary Clinton’s private email case when she personally meant Bill Clinton on a private plane where both planes were at the time and that is odd enough in itself that both planes would be there at the same time. My understanding is that Clinton’s plane was there first and waited for Lynches plane to show up. If that was really the case Lynch should have advised Clinton that she would not be able to meet with him considering she was the one who will make the decision if Hillary’s private email server case would be going to a Grand Jury or not. To make this even worst this story was underwraps for two days. ABC was tipped of this meeting that lasted about 30 minutes and now it…

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