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Hate crime reports surge in U.K. in wake of Brexit Since the U.K. voted to leave the European Union, a 500% increase in hate crimes reported online has drawn attention to a wave of racist, anti-immigrant sentiment in the country. Some 331 reports have been filed through the online report filing portal in the week […]

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  1. It goes like this.
    They ‘asked’ us what we thought and the referendum was won on the back of uncontrolled immigration. The indigenous British have been sorely tested by that so is it any surprise that thoughts, words, and now deeds have occurred?

    Only I notice there is no list of all the EU and non-EU criminals in UK jails.
    Or the numbers of rapes, theft and murders carried out by the same.
    Or the Muslim patrols beating on them who don’t “conform”.

    One sided reporting is not reporting the facts only pushing an agenda.

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