Russian warplanes clash with American fighter jets after bombing raid on US backed forces

Engineering Evil

AMERICAN fighters scrambled to intercept a pair of Russian bombers launching airstrikes against US sanctioned rebels in Syria.

By Henry Holloway / Published 20th June 2016

The Kremlin backed bombing raid saw two Su-34 bombers – one of Moscow’s most advanced aircraft – striking at a garrison housing 200 rebel fighters.

The Pentagon said the rebels had been conducting counter ISIS operations in the At Tanf region on the Syrian side of the Syria-Jordan border.

The Russians and American forces remain active in the region, with Moscow backing the regime forces of Bashar Al Assad and the White House backing the rebels in what has been said to be proxy war which could lead to a larger global conflict. (link)

“If you cannot separate your forces from al-Qaida and differentiate and designate exclusively moderate zones, we cannot do so either”

Dmitry Peskov

As the Russians launched their bombing raid the…

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