Connecting Dots: Orlando Shooting Not Adding Up

There are too many loose ends involved in the gay club shooting incident in Orlando. (A) Population density inside of the club at estimated 300 people. What is the lawful occupancy? Where are the City of Orlando, fire marshals and building inspectors, or were mayoral orders given to turn a blind eye, or palm greasing involved? (B) Bullets, pass through bodies, especially at close range and with high population density. That is why the military training for hand-to-hand combat teaches, do not use your firearms or bullets go through enemy and kills your own platoon members. Therefore, it was not necessary for hundreds of rounds to be fired, but only two, possibly three, magazines, for the body count. (C) In a building occupied with 300 people (estimated), how many fire exits, are there in that structure? (D) Why were egress doors blocked and locked? Who makes the daily check. They are responsible. (E) Why, suddenly, Obama, attacks Trump, and not the Islamic jihadist? Very interesting. (F) News suddenly indicating shooter was gay, after Obama gets involved. Very interesting. A possible way to defend Islam and vilify guns, nor vilify shooter. Maybe the shooter wanted to harpoon the wife in the tailpipe, so when investigators questioned, and they do, question, it becomes an instant political means to pin the tail on the faggot, and leave Islam unscathed. (G) Jeh Johnson, DHS Puppet, demanding gun control, as confiscation. Very interesting. (H) Timing of incident within proximity of presidential elections and gun confiscation with abolishment of the Second Amendment, but, BACKFIRE, as Trump, is the only one that people recognize as being the answer, while the others, are recognized as the problem.

Conclusion: I hate to say it. This, is sounding like a False Flag event. The shooter could have been programed while working for G4S, which incidentally, has numerous lucrative government contracts. Illegals shipped by G4S. Obama/DHS/USDOJ complicity. Enemy nations. Contributions and “donations”. An investigation already being veiled, steered, and manipulated. People, the entire shooting scenario, does not add up. The incident, qualifies, for further review, as it very well might possibly be, a False Flag event. 


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    Go on and delete it. Now bitch queers may use the ladies room and the stud faggots pee outdoor. It’s Geographical Muslim Anglosexuals GODSEND Field Day.
    They went on the Rampage Hypocritically Apologetic seeking forgiveness than healing wounds. WTF! Losers’ Interfaith Tartufferie Bullshit. When Trump at Hate Helm. Mateen had no choice but to gun down 50 dead and 50 critical. Mateen needed a reason. Here it is… 2 queers kissing in front of his wife & child was a great motive. The rest is Press Prostitutes’ Agenda ain’t News no mo.
    Where’s Baghdadi? Asscracks!
    Killing Baghdadi by media whores ain’t NEWS no mo. it’s an AGENDA. Press Prostitutes crave to learn if really Baghdadi is dead as having incest sex with their own. ISIS is a leaderless phenomenon and won’t be disintegrated simply because one of their foremen didn’t show-up at work. ISIS nemeses desperately trying to devastate it from within by throwing up lies lest being crushed back home. As Baghdadi death news was released. Look how they’re crushed in Orlando. $1k operation Vs. multi-billion dollars coalition. Was it a coincident or an agenda?


    • Stop.
      On the issue of homosexuals, you are correct.
      On the rubbish being reported, again, I believe that you are correct, as it is “too convenient”, to make reports of what elected officials desire, especially when the shooter is dead and cannot speak.
      As far as jihad taking place in America, you are incorrect, as it will only cause a mass killing of Muslims in retaliation.
      In your part of the world, it is acceptable, but it has no place here.
      The Orlando fag club shooting, the truth will never come out because Obama (Muslim), does not want the truth to be known because Obama is homosexual, and to say the shooter was honorable, Obama and other American elected officials will never admit to, because their pockets are stuffed with blood money, from your part of the world, not this part of the world.
      Obama is turning out to be the Muslim’s worst enemy. Are we to believe “faggot Muslims”? Don’t make me laugh, as that, is insulting to Muslims and those who know.

      Tone down the language as the filters had placed your comment in the trash.

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  5. Definitely a FF/Hoax. The real truth will probly never come out, however, enough inconsistencies come up to show the relation to this incident to the coming elections, fag celebrations and new laws coming to the fore on the propagandized “transgender” issues.

    As our society continues to break down and disintegrate from within, these shooting hoaxes will continue to take over the “news” and keep the general, zombie population in a constant state of fear, unable to wake up, protest or stop what’s happening. As in Europe, we will soon be disarmed, destroyed and dead.

    I see no hope.

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    • It appears to be a hoax, not a FF. As they spread the blame further and further out, no one will be able to keep track of it. Go to Youtube and check hoax aspect. Lot of researchers out there have pretty much nailed it.

      We have to keep our eye on the big picture; the disarming of US citizens. All these FF/hoax crap our just distractions while they sneak up behind us.