Beware of perilous flips by magnetic compasses

Additional survival tricks

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia)

There has been warning by a Mountaineering expert that many people got into perilous situation when their compasses unexpectedly flipped direction prior to critical use. The Mountaineering Council of Scotland has issued warning on this danger.

This posting gives a method to re-magnetize and set at will the direction of any compass needle. The basic steps in guarding against unexpected flipping of magnetic compasses are also shown.

One possible cause of flips by magnetic compasses.

When a magnetic compass is stored its needle can not swing or cannot swing fast enough to follow the change in magnetic field.

If a strong magnetic field is forced through the needle from one end to the other, the needle will be magnetized by this strong field.

Therefore when your compass is stored in your bag and a strong magnet approaches it faster than the needle can rotate to adapt…

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