UN wants 170,000 refugees permanently resettled next year

Refugee Resettlement Watch

For new readers, this once again confirms that the United Nations is determining who comes to America!

They want 170,000 permanently resettled, and they will be picking the deserving ‘refugees.’

Obama UN Important election year opportunity coming up in September when Obama will surely follow UN instructions and vastly increase our refugee numbers for FY2017. Make this a critical issue for all candidates and ask them where they stand!

Obama has already said he will be setting the level for FY2017 in September at 100,000.

So the rest of the world would be responsible for 70,000 divided among many many countries.  As always the US is expected to take in the lion’s share of the world’s refugees.

Hereis the UN today in Geneva:

Geneva: The United Nations said Monday it will try to resettle a record 170,000 refugees urgently in need of a new home next year as it grapples…

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