2 responses to “Donald Trump’s actually going to use the Orlando shooting for political gain — Metro

    • Ordinarily, the Marxists would be jumping all over any tid bit. What is different this time, is the fact that Obama, refuses to say “Islamic Jihad”. Both, Hillary and Sanders, where are those two? Sanders wants to ban full auto weapons, but there is nothing at this moment to forensically substantiate any allegation of a modified sear in the AR15 used by Manteen, and if so, anybody can modify any sear, in 20 minutes with a series of files, wet/dry Emery cloth, and honing stones. LaRaza, canceled their upcoming protest of violence because they fear that Trump supporters will be armed. The Orlando Fag Club shooting incident leaves more questions than answers as, was the lawful occupancy rating exceeded by the club, if so, the club, is criminally negligent, and, the real issue, which anyone with any trigger-time will know, population density, caused the mass killings to be optimized. 5.56/.223 ammunition has sufficient power to pass through, especially if M2 Ball FMJ ammo was used.
      I have absolutely no sympathy for any fag. America wanted to be kind, and the homos went militant. Now they can go bury their fucking dead. DO NOT defend any fag. Let it happen and let the fag in the White House worry about it, because, he does not care. He is a fucking worthless Muslim cocksucker. November elections are approaching, and already issues involving the 22d Amendment are brought up by his Marxist demented support crutches, because if he fails to vacate the White House on January 20th 2017, he will be subject to lawful arrest. President Trump will need to seriously clean house of every Muslim. The Orlando Fag Club shooting incident, will bring droves to vote for Trump, as nobody knows about next time. If more fags are killed by jihadists, well, that’s okay. But otherwise, concerns are, where, anything will happen? Library? Supermarket? Church? If a place where Marxists congregate, that too is okay, and DO NOT defend Marxists. Stay out of it. The amazing thing prominent, is that the People, FAILED, to DEMAND, Constitutional Carry & Stand Your Ground, to be unified, as one law, and to be made, Law-of-the-Land. Only last week I had telephoned my congressman’s office to demand it. They thought I was crazy, and either I will soon be getting a visit or placed on some list as US PATRIOT, and enemy. At the moment, it appears that only Trump can correct this and upright this capsized nation. If not, then it is time to dissolve the union of states.
      Best of Luck, with your new blog.