The Chattanooga Police Department’s Plan to Harass Gun Owners

Two things collided in Chattanooga TN this week. One is a new law from the Governor that allows permit holding gun owners to carry in parks. The other is the Riverbend Festival. The collision led t…

Source: The Chattanooga Police Department’s Plan to Harass Gun Owners

R3: Police, need only one of two things; (A) Probable Cause; (B) Reasonable Cause to Believe. That will be their justification. What really needs to be looked at is, who, exactly, is yanking their chain? Police Chief? People can demand their employment terminated. Is it an elected official who is directing the action? They can be recalled by the majority vote of the People. There is no reason to interfere with CCW permit holders. It is, Official Misconduct, and, Malfeasance, whether on orders, or not, providing that people obey laws, but cops go beyond the accepted norm, to shake the tree. It is a fishing expedition that CCW and gun owners should not overlook. Corruption is involved, at the very top. Something big is going on, and hidden.


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