Perhaps 20% have infantile mentality; Of the balance, possibly half, could, self identify as women.
Ratios are classic troop movements. I said it from the beginning. Ask any veteran, and the numbers plus facts of conduct, indicate an invasion. When numbers favor the invaders, extreme violence will be perpetrated by the invaders, as is occurring all over Europe. Rape, Murder, Kidnap, Arson, Burglary, Robbery, Terrorism.
Mark my words, the time is nearing. Demand, Constitutional Carry & Stand Your Ground, to be unified as one law, and to be made the Law-of-the-Land, now, before it’s too damned late, and a lot of American lives are lost.
Further, if the invaders go into gay communities and areas known for domiciling Marxists, do not defend them. They created the problem, let them bleed on their own dime.

Arlin Report

This is how terrorists filter in a nation.

These MEN, just leaving their families behind? Those that would have the greatest need to relocate to safety would be women, children and elderly.   Don’t continue to be so naive!  These are not refugees.   These MEN; most will create social issues of disruption, protesters, violent protests on demands not requests, others will bomb the population, murder and rape. Its their history. Look at Europe.   The creation of warfare terrorism.

Look at the people on the far right of the barrier. What do you see?  I see people with concern they are being INVADED.

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