What Memorial Day means to a Gold Star Mother

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The following post was published today in Canada Free Press by Susan L. Price, Gold Star Mother of U.S. Marine Gunnery Sgt Aaron M Kenefick, USMC (photograph below).

Gunnery Sergeant Aaron M. Kenefick deceasedAaron M. Kenefick
Date of birth: February 5, 1979
Date of death: September 8, 2009
Place of Birth: New York, Williamsville Status: KIA

They say History repeats itself on all fronts of life and death,

That being said, my maternal great-grandmother and I share a generational-bond in the form of an atrocity, experiencing the tragic loss of a child by what is referred to as “THE FOG OF WAR”.

Birthdays, Holidays, especially Memorial Days are filled with the “bittersweet memories” each year as I grapple with my inherited place in time, knowing one of mine is now in spirit.

Gold Star families represent less than 1% of Americans, yet our loss represents “ALL AMERICANS”. Our sons and daughters…

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