This memorial day let us not forget the assassination of a great president, John F. Kennedy

Jim Campbell's

crew-2231211The possible reasons for his assassination are numerous.

Here is just one.

Conspiracy Theory? Perhaps

Theory?  Perhaps.

The Truth?  Likely

Far too much evidence is presented along with documents and videos of old vintage below to seriously ignore. (Source)

There are numerous theories on why President Kennedy was assassinated.(Source)

george_magazine_cover1There was no secret that President John F. Kennedy planned to destroy the Military Industrial Complex while at the same time doing away with the Federal Reserve (Source)

Particularly troubling is that the fallen president had been autopsied at least three times.

jfkchurchjohnsaluteWhat was it they were hiding?

In the link below you will note that had he been shot from the back of the head as the narrative we have been lead to believe has told us, why was the front of his head not blown out if Lee Harvey Oswald had actually shot him from behind from the…

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