My Hero, My Police Officer-Your Soul Beckons You

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A-police-officer-runs-with-his-weapon-drawn-as-he-conduct-a-search-for-a-suspect-in-the-Boston-Marathon-bombings-on-April-19-2013-in-Watertown.-AP-PhotoMatt-Rourke-650x433 -police-officer-runs-with-his-weapon-drawn-as-he-conduct-a-search-for-a-suspect-in-the-Boston-Marathon-bombings-on-April-19-2013-in-Watertown.-AP-PhotoMatt-Rourke-650×433

“Here is courage, mankind’s finest possession, here is the noblest prize that a young man can endeavor to win.” (Spartan poet Tyrtaeus)

Oh my hero,

my police officer,

As you set off to your calling,

Your soul is,

in a dilemma

by unendurable forewarning,

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It beckons you to


guard yourself from your adversaries,

Outwit them

                                                                                     proceeding with vigilance


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