“Keeping The Streets Safe Is A Calling”, Says A Police Officer

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A Watertown police officer on duty outside 39 ... A Watertown police officer on duty outside 39 Waverley Avenue, on the morning of a FBI raid connected with the 2010 Times Square car bombing attempt investigation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(In the very words of a Police Officer who left this as a comment on my “About”. It touched the very core of my heart and I wanted to share it with you, my blogger friends)

“Not many understand the Job. Fewer understand that our families bear the burden and brunt of what must be experienced during any given tour of duty, and then carrying the scars, back home at the end of the shift. Being able to be there to help others is the reward of knowing you did your job and helped another person. The reality of it is, I missed birthdays. I missed anniversaries. I worked almost every holiday. I missed social functions. I disappointed my wife…

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