The Sinister Side of Windows 10

Lee Duigon

We were peacefully watching a movie on our computer last night when it was suddenly interrupted by a notification that Windows 10 was going to install itself into our system and would begin in 15 minutes.

What??? We never asked for this. But they went ahead and did it anyway–or tried to. Just before the 15 minutes were up, my wife found a “Never 10” site that allowed her to disable the installation. I told you she was smart. I couldn’t have done it to save my life.

Windows 10 is undesirable, says the Never 10 website, because it “aggressively monitors and reports on its users’ activities.” Reports to whom? We don’t know.

All along, Microsoft has peppered us with increasingly frequent demands that we install Windows 10. The inducement is, it’s “free.”

If they ain’t chargin’ for this product, you can bet your ventricles they’re making a profit on…

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