Hillary Said The Hacker Of Her Emails Is Lying

John A Pappas

Shameless Hillary is really something else. Here she is a 45 year career liar ever since she was fired for lying on the committee to impeach President Nixon way back in 1973 but she has the audacity to insinuate that the hacker that the FBI extradited from Romania for the main purpose of seeing and confirming what the hacker knows is lying. Marcel Lehel Lazar, who goes by the moniker “Guccifer” is doing a lot of talking and it looks very much so that he is not holding anything back. Hillary Clinton as far as I am concerned is taking a very big chance of calling this hacker a liar considering I am sure it would be very easy for the FBI to match any hacked information that Guccifer gives to State Department records.

Guccifer claims that he is not the only hacker that penetrated Hillary’s emails. He claims that…

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