Stop telling women to carry snubbies.

Well, as a retired cop, I had regulations to follow, and New York City, in the 20th century, until the final years of the century, had .38 Special revolvers. I never felt inadequate. I did, during most of my career, carry one or more back-up revolvers, until the job required proper business attire and I was chained to a desk, babysitting a bullpen of twenty-two detectives. The J-frame is nice. In fact, maybe because I have so many years experience with them, I find the pointability fast. I hit center mass up to 75 feet without any problems. The revolvers fire faster. Reloading is simple if, you know the drill. I have used all types of aftermarket grips on K-frame and J-frame, and actually prefer service grips on both, with a Tyler T-grip. The heavy triggers, 8.0 pounds, is for use with Winchester ammunition, as the factory stated their primers need 8.0 # strikes to go “bang”, and not “click”. Federal ammo, uses 7.5 # primer strikes. I always throat the weapon, time the cylinder. I check for cylinder shake and end shake, because the washers over firing time, will wear down and require replacement. If only an option of one weapon, I will take the K-frame, or j-frame. Experience is the difference, and that comes only by putting time in on gun ranges. I used the revolver in three shootings On Duty. 8-rounds fired/8-hits/7-dead gunmen. It was with my service revolver, a K-frame. A lot of iron, and there was relatively little difference in recoil to the J-frame. Keep the weapon clean. Inspect the weapon regularly and have a gunsmith inspect the weapon every six months or sooner if you shoot a lot. No big deal. Never liked the 9mm, and was in the pilot program. Maybe the 1911 .45 acp, spoiled me (?). I can empty the cylinder in two seconds (six rounds fired), and freehand, load in about four seconds. Not everyone knows how police shoot or are trained. My wife hates the recoil, regardless of revolver size, but, she has made up her mind, not to like the .38 Specials. The 1911, 10mm, and the N-frame .44 Magnum, both were a horror show when she tried them. Everyone has their own personal views and preferences. Guess, I’m what I was called, a “Dinosaur” (Almost Extinct – But Still Feared).

I am going to start this article with a disclaimer: I am probably going to tread on a few people’s toes here, and likely get a whole bunch of folks all upset. I could say Pardonne-moi, es tut mir leid, en moerse sorry…but I am not going to. The purpose of this blog is to tread on toes, slay sacred cows, and break all the eggs. So if what I say makes you unhappy, take a teaspoon of cement and harden up…or abuse me in the comments section. Whatever. And yes: this is going to be a little bit of a rant.

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