2 responses to “Who are the Soldiers of Odin?

  1. Now here’s the thing.
    In the UK it is considered by politicians, the media, and the bleeding heart brigade, that it is more morally acceptable for people to be attacked, robbed, raped, and worse by alien scum rather than the alternative.

    That being public spirited groups (aka vigilante, violent, out of control, right wing, fascist, or racist groups, as variously described by the media) quietly walking round protecting innocents from attack.

    At least it will be morally acceptable right up until politicians, media, and the bleeding heart groups see their own families attacked, beaten to a pulp, raped, and otherwise molested.

    Then the question will be “why don’t the police stop this happening?”

    I can answer that one.
    Because their hands are tied by political correctness, multicultural and racial diversity training. Plus weak insipid government.

    As for the Soldiers of Odin, Street angels, and all the other groups like them.
    Good for you.

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