ESPN Flushes Schilling Footage Down the Memory Hole — Titanic Brass

Former ESPN personality and major league baseball great Curt Schilling continues to be persecuted by the national political correctness bund. Schilling was unceremoniously fired by the network after a social media post that was critical of the liberal crusade to throw women’s restrooms open to transvestites and potentially to perverts caused an uproar. While Shilling was sent packing, it wasn’t enough to just lose his job and paycheck though. The liberal elite expected him to grovel and beg for forgiveness but the dude who pitched in the 2004 World Series with an ankle injury so bad that his sock was soaked with blood doesn’t give up easily. Shilling refused to buckle – now in a move so eerie that it reeks of Orwell’s 1984, ESPN is erasing footage of the Hall of Fame pitcher from it’s documentary on the Boston Red Sox World Series team.

via ESPN Flushes Schilling Footage Down the Memory Hole — Titanic Brass

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