Rioting in California Again

Gene McVay On Guard

Same song, second verse


☆☆Illegal Aliens are proving Donald Trump is right by stopping traffic, smashing police cars, punching innocent people, and destroying property while waving the Mexican flag.

California was once the shining state on the Pacific but law abiding citizens have been fleeing for years. Either the police cannot protect their own police cars or politicians have ordered them to stand down.

Are Americans safer in Syria than in California? Are legal California residents ready to take back their state?


Riots didn’t start today; California has a long history of lawlessness, rioting and property destruction.

The Watts riots took place in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles from August 11 to 17, 1965. An African-American motorist was arrested for drunk driving. A minor roadside argument broke out, and then escalated into a fight. The community reacted in outrage. Six days of widespread rioting, looting, assault, arson, protests, firefights…

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2 responses to “Rioting in California Again

  1. A truly disgusting display by thugs who should have never been allowed in this country

    Yet everyone is asking what is Donald Trump going to do about this? Are they kidding me?


    • If Trump is elected, there may possibly be changes to student debts, and who knows, private debter prisons may soon swell in population. American Blacks, need to understand, that they are, Americans. Spoiled White Trash, needs a good taste of the strap. All illegals, are only throwing gasoline on their own heads, because incidents such as that, could cause a hardening of Trump’s heart, and maybe he really would, expell the illegal aliens. Trump is no lilly-foot. He is a hardcore businessman who makes very hard decisions, routinely.
      California’s governor, is the person who must handle the riots, but he’s a Democrat, so, let the rioters wreck the place.