Obama’s Legacy: Anger, Fights, Division 

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There’s plenty of reasons for the dysfunction: millions of dollars of unaccountable money in politics; districts that ensure most lawmakers don’t face competition; parties that have become more extreme; highly partisan media outlets and an atmosphere that no longer stops campaigning for governing.

Anita Kumar writes: Fist fights at campaign rallies. A major presidential candidate called a bigot and bully by members of his own party. Gridlock in Washington. And Americans downright pessimistic.

“He clearly thought – and he was entirely wrong – that he could transform politics in America. It was naive to think he could bridge this divide.”

— George Edwards, a presidential scholar at Texas A&M University.

This is America’s politics today, seven years after Barack Obama was elected president with a promise to change it all.

The political change he predicted never appeared. Instead, partisanship and dysfunction have grown worse. His legacy on policies is more mixed…

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