Anti-Defamation League Commands Trump to Stop Using “America First” — Titanic Brass

After Donald Trump gave the speech heard around the world in which he advocated for an “America first” foreign policy, it was a slam dunk guarantee that the establishment response would be fast and furious. The Republican front-runner gored many an ox in calling for a rejection of the false dogma of globalism, nation building and for Americans to take care of their own. Putting America first is a concept that is so astonishing in the twenty first century that it temporarily staggered the rapid response anti-Trump smear brigade. Well they are staggered no more, today the shit hit the fan as the political establishment unified to reject the very concept that the U.S. should return to acting in it’s own self-interest and make our allies pay their own damned way.

via Anti-Defamation League Commands Trump to Stop Using “America First” — Titanic Brass

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