Harriet Tubman to Replace Andrew Jackson on $20 Bill — Titanic Brass

The Obama regime announced today that Harriet Tubman would be replacing Andrew Jackson on the twenty dollar bill. It is a transparent sop to black voters in an election year and a sign of the raw cynicism of the Democratic party of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Tubman is a famed abolitionist who worked to rescue slaves during the Civil War era and honoring her in this way is the culmination of an Obama effort to make the currency more diverse by putting a woman on the double sawbuck. It is also a move that is a political winner with liberals.

via Harriet Tubman to Replace Andrew Jackson on $20 Bill — Titanic Brass

R3: All my twenties will be given to Habib at the gas station. I will not accept the new currency. I WANT REAGAN ON THE $100 NOTE!

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