The IRS Encourages Illegal Immigrants To Commit Tax Fraud: Believe It!

John A Pappas

Every year We The People have to get our records in order to be able to send the tax returns this year being Monday April 18th. Some of us do them ourselves and I’m sure that most of us hire an accountant to do them it being all the new regulations that come out every year. This is just my guess, I don’t have numbers for it. I would say because of all the new regulations it would be to everybody’s interest to hire a professional. On top of this the General Accounting Office in their latest report has stated that the IRS still cannot guarantee us that they are keeping our tax data safe. There are identity thief’s out there that are just dying to key into our tax returns. So on top of all this you have IRS Commissioner John Koskinen encouraging illegal immigrants to use phony social…

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