The 3% Lamborghini

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Doug Smith: Author, historian and lead contributor to Free State Patriot

“Tell a lie big enough, and long enough, and people will start to believe it. “ Joseph Goebbels is credited with “The Big Lie” approach to propaganda, but I doubt he invented it

Still, the Big Lie technique is around, alive, and well. And just occasionally, inadvertently, one of the Big Liars lets a big of light shine through.

In Missouri, State Legislators have subpoenaed documents relating to the Abortionists (well, Doctors, in total fairness, but abortion is their trade) who were caught on tape merrily discussing the price of a liver from a baby, cut carefully from inside his mother, so as to maximize the viable organs available for sale, in order to facilitate her purchase of a Lamborghini.

(For us folks who work for a living, and have never cut up an 8 month fetus as a…

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