It Takes a Radical: The Very Political Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton (An Unauthorized Biographical Analysis)

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PROLOGUE:  I researched the following information and recorded it as a 4 part series about the one-time 2016 presumptive Democratic Presidential Candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton. I am offering it today, as a 5,500 word essay, because, with many still insisting that, despite all of the controversy concerning the impropriety involving her handling of Top Secret E-mails while Secretary of State, that she still remains the inevitable Democratic Candidate for President in the Elections of November 2016,  I feel that it is imperative to share this information in a form where it will be easy for you , gentle readers, to share with your friends and family. 

She is presently the Front-runner for the Democratic Nomination as their Candidate for the Presidency. Even though, she is constantly attempts to present herself as a “Moderate” Democrat, and “Woman of the People”, as a  linchpin of her Campaign Strategy, the story of her life reveals someone quite different.

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