The Establishment Strikes Back: Trump Walloped in Wisconsin — Titanic Brass

There was triumphalism but not much love for Cruz who will be discarded like a used condom once he has successfully thwarted Trump from clinching the nomination. The Romney plan has never been even remotely about an actual Cruz presidential candidacy and all about the brokered convention. Now that the big drubbing has gone off exactly as planned it is time for Team Trump to move on to the New York primary in two weeks – another 14 days for the media to engage in smear tactics – and take care of business. The Tuesday night clobbering pretty much seals the deal on the Republican party leader not nailing down the nomination before Cleveland but there needs to be some message discipline, fewer distractions and a lot better self-awareness from the candidate himself – he quite simply needs to stop stepping on his own dick. Trump needs to intensify his criticism of the ruinous globalist trade deals that Ryan, Cruz, Romney, Walker and their ilk are trying to cram down the throats of Americans as a going away gift to Emperor Obama.

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