Modern Crime: Horiffic Body Cam Footage Shows Cop Open-Fire On Fellow Officer During $60 Meth Bust

Tragic. Similar incident during the 1970s in NYC caused a massive training overhaul. All agencies were instructed, as the NYPD Members Of the Service shot and killed an FBI agent in Harlem, who failed to properly identify himself and refused Lawful Order (repeatedly), to “DROP THE GUN!”. Failure to Comply With Lawful Orders, has a way of ending up very badly. The baggage, is profound.

The Tactical Hermit

I typically don’t post Police Shooting Videos, because a lot of times you don’t get the FULL story, but this one defies LOGIC FOLKS. Thankfully, the Cop who was shot Survived and is gonna get to spend that 6.5 Million versus getting buried with  part of it and his wife spending the rest. -SF

Albuquerque, NM — The city of Albuquerque has paid out a settlement in the amount of $6.5 million this week, to one of their own officers who was repeatedly shot by a fellow cop.

As we previously reported, Officer Jacob Grant was critically wounded after being shot multiple times by Lieutenant Greg Brachle during an undercover drug bust. Both officers were undercover at the time of the shooting.

According to the criminal complaint, Grant and his partner Holly Garcia met a suspect to buy $60 worth of “shards,” another term for meth. The suspects got…

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