GOPe Responsible for Ted Cruz Sex Scandal Smear Job

Ted “Roadkill” Cruz. Another typical eel politician.

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GOP moving pieces on a chessboard

Stop and turn your attention to the Republican Party establishment who

  • Pushed a Ted Cruz sex scandal (who cares if its’ true or false, just push it)
  • Blame Donald Trump for the sex scandal; and
  • Created a wives’ war between the candidates.

Endgame:  To ensure that neither Ted Cruz or Donald Trump reaches 1237 delegates by the 2016 RNC Convention in Cleveland, Ohio this summer.

Unleash the smears on social media, then let social media do the rest.

Gawker by Gabrielle Bluestone

This week, the National Enquirer published a story claiming Ted Cruz may have been involved in as many as five extramarital affairs. But the general allegations are nothing new. People have been talking publicly about, well, something involving Cruz for weeks….

On Twitter, conservatives have been discussing the scandal, in vague (and sometimes less-vague) terms since March, using the hashtag #thething, which seems to have originated, or at…

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