Bleeding Hearts

Ratio of 7:1, it’s a classic troop movement. Ask any veteran.

The Squirrel's Nest

Who want (demand) that this scum be welcomed into our country. 

Study the picture, then read the caption below.

Muslim Scum

There’s a particular photo that went around the world.

That of the little boy lying dead on the beach.

It is true that the photo is very sad and makes you reflect on the distress of these people fleeing their country at the risk of their lives.

Above, a photo showing some people walking to reach the final objective, to live in a European country.

Even if this photo is making it around the world, only 1% of the people will notice the truth.

On the photo,  there are 7 men and 1 woman – nothing special.

But in observing a bit closer, you will notice that the woman is bare foot, accompanied by 3 children, and of the 3, she is carrying 2.

There is the…

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