Liberal Heads Explode over N.C. Law Banning ‘Chicks’ With Dicks from Women’s Restrooms

Queers; Transvestites; Faggots.
North Carolina made a very good Ruling.

Titanic Brass

Liberal grievance mongers are weeping and gnashing their teeth today over a new North Carolina law that has rolled back the creeping plague of forced diversity in Obamastan. The state’s General Assembly moved with lightning fast speed on Wednesday to ram through a bill that effectively stops the invasion of women’s restrooms by transgender individuals – chicks with dicks – that makes many uncomfortable and could be an open invitation to sexual predators. It’s one thing to back gay rights and same sex marriage but at some point the line needs to be drawn over what many find to be creepy or even sexually perverse people to whom being gay just isn’t enough and they won’t go that extra step to just slice it off. The NC law is a rare victory in the culture wars for besieged social conservatives who have been subjected to the government mandating folks to…

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