More FBI Cover Up in Lavoy Finicum Murder

The bullet casings grew legs and walked off. Funny how that happens. From Oregon Live. Two bullet casings that might have proven an FBI agent shot at Robert “LaVoy” Finicum apparently d…

Source: More FBI Cover Up in Lavoy Finicum Murder

R3: Now, I’m beginning to feel like a mushroom – kept in the dark and fed only horseshit. (A) All firearms of centerfire classification, leave a ballistic signature. The FBI, made an almost century old reputation based upon ballistic forensics. (B) Test each weapon that was at the scene at the time and place of occurrence. Fire a round of ammunition or two, then compare it with what was removed at autopsy from the deceased subject. (C) Identify the serial number of the weapon(s) that fired the projectiles, then, check the Official Records for whom, exactly, was issued the service weapon with the serial number(s) that matched ballistically to the projectiles removed at autopsy. (D) Any cover-up, and/or any non-sense, then it was a Conspiracy to Commit Murder, and all at the scene get arrested and charged. Clearly, the event was Murder in the First Degree With Intent. (E) America will not tolerate any criminals with badges. Seperate the criminal(s) from their badge(s). I am very surprised at the FBI, and very disappointed in their conduct, to bolster their resume with a juicy tidbit of murdering LaVoy. America demands better from the FBI.

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