Without regard to borders, …

Live Free Or Die

… the hate-preaching, murder-preaching mullahs must go, wherever they are. Without them there are no soldiers, no suicide bombers, no Boston Marathon bombers, no World Trade Centers collapsing, no London transport bombings …

The mullahs, who face no threat, keep churning out terrorists faster than the world can kill them. We need to hit the mullahs. The ignorant muslims that flock to their call are harmless without them.

The muslims do not value life. They value obedience to the will of Allah. They bring their  teachings here. Happiness is not a goal. Getting along with us is not a goal. There are places in Great Britain and America where non-believers dare not go. Sharia law is being established wherever they can get away with it.

They come here with no intentions of becoming Americans. They are establishing a support network for the fighters that are coming.

They are open about…

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