CNN Nutbag Warns that President Trump Will Herd People into Internment Camps

Titanic Brass

With all of the nonsense being put out by the desperate bipartisan establishment about Trump being the second coming of Adolf Hitler and his supporters being the equivalent of Nazi Brownshirts it was only a matter of time until the concentration camp card was played. This time it was flaming liberal dingus Sally Kohn who bemoaned the media coverage of Trump during CNN’s Super Saturday coverage and conjured up images of the demented little kraut with the funny mustache. There actually come a day when we at last reach peak Hitler but it’s hard to see right now.

As reported by the Washington Post “CNN commentator: Media will share blame when Trump ‘institutes internment camps’”:

As Donald Trump added to his delegate total on Saturday with primary and caucus victories in Louisiana and Kentucky, CNN commentator Sally Kohn offered a grim forecast of a Trump presidency — and suggested…

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