Romney Slithers Out to Push Brokered Convention on Sunday Morning McNews Shows

Titanic Brass

Mr. Establishment himself is being feted like an honorable elder statesman on the Sunday morning McNews show circuit. Mitt Romney – the man who stuck us all with four more years of Obama – continued his comeback tour appearing on Press the MeatMeet the Press and other shows to continue his attacks on Republican front-runner Donald Trump. When it comes to the embodiment of the calcified rot and arrogance of the establishment elite there is no better example than Mr. Romney and he wears his contempt for the rabble like a badge of honor.

Saturday’s caucuses only managed to slightly ding the Donald – not the full out humiliation hoped for after the two early Ted Cruz wins in Maine and Kansas – and the critical Florida and Ohio contests loom large. This is the week that what is already a massive incendiary bombardment of Trump along the lines of…

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