Candidates Rubio, Cruz Dismissed Impeachment of Obama; Not Qualified to Lead

“Trouble, comes in threes”. Hmmm…

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Marco Rubio CPAC photo and Ted Cruz photo by Michael Vadon Flickr creative commons_Fotor_Collage 003

Backstep to 2014:

Americans expressed outrage over Barack Obama’s release of five Taliban commanders from Guantanamo Bay to the government of Qatar in exchange for U. S. Army deserter, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

For five years, the Taliban played host to Bergdahl after the deserter intentionally sought them out. While with the Taliban, Bergdahl converted to Islam.

Bergdahl’s release was celebrated with a press release orchestrated by Obama who smiled at Bergdahl’s father, Robert Bergdahl, also a Muslim convert in the Rose Garden of the White House as the father of the deserter expressed the most famous war cry of Islam, ‘bismillah al-rahman al-rahim,’ Arabic for ‘in the name of Allah the most gracious, the most merciful.”

The cry was a declaration ofvictory over the United States and the bodies of United States Army Staff Sergeant Clayton Bowen – age 29, Private First Class Morris Walker –…

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