Officer Peter Liang’s Magic Gun

I am very curious about this incident also. With a trigger pull of 12#, it tells me something else. Something that I know from years on the streets and having been in shootings. I highly doubt if PO Liang was scared out of his wits and tensed so badly that the service weapon discharged, It tells me that, cops, knowing that a 12# trigger pull places them in a very bad position during a combat encounter, cops, are indexing the weapon.

Thought Front

The jury has begun deliberation in the case of the accidental shooting death of Akai Gurley by NYPD officer Peter Liang.

Officer Liang came up with a highly contrived explanation for the shooting: the gun just shot itself.

“I heard something on my left side; it was a quick sound and it just startled me,” said Liang, as transcribed by the New York Times. “And the gun just went off after I tensed up.”

There’s just one glaring issue with Liang’s explanation: unlike the movies, in real life guns do not fire on their own. In movies, seemingly any time someone drops a gun it goes off, but in reality it takes substantial application of pressure to fire a firearm.

That’s why Kevin Michalowski of the pro-gun US Concealed Carry Association said, “I will never use the term accidental discharge when talking about a firearm. That is because firearms…

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