2 responses to “Breitbart story: Trump’s daring gamble helps expose Fox News’ Open Borders leanings

  1. I’ve come to the conclusion that the American people know NOTHING about their own country. Logic tells me that Trump is NOT afraid of Megyn Kelley. He’s not shown any fear of anyone or anything so far. Murdock is a businessman first and that’s says it all. While Trump is a business man too, I believe he sincerely sees what is happening to this country via is absorption into a global agenda and those consequences and wants to stop it. He is NOT controllable but neither is the present regime. My prayer is that Trump’s tenacity bends to the best interest of Americans and the country they love. On the contrary the Left’s agenda under Obama’s watch has and is going in the exact opposite direction in a “hate America” campaign. It’s revolting………….

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    • Bravo. Not only Murdock, there is Qatari ownership also at Fox’ corporate level, and then the Saudi influence. The news people have contracts and salaries involved and will dance to the tune their master feels like playing.
      Beginning of November on Election Day, will tell the story. Nothing conclusive until the 45th president is sworn in on January 17th, 2017. I have the date listed on the blog sidebar. If it is in fact, a President Trump (#45), he might be able to work quite a few wonders, provided he goes to the well, where the waters of his voter base resides. Talent. Tenacity. Hardcore determination to make the nation work correctly.