One response to “The Hammer’s Coming Down – Pastor Warns Of Martial Law In America As ANP Reader Warns Of ‘More Very Strange Events’ In Missouri

  1. Standby on that one. In the aftermath of the flood 2012 SuperStorm Sandy, curfew was declared here and it stopped many people that started looting. None came from the community, they were all outsiders. A bit unpleasant to be stopped going in, and going out, as police and national guard were here, only had one asswipe train an M60 on me from a Humvee turret, but aside from that, the curfew protected the strewn properties and in my opinion, it worked out very well. In fact, everyone sees the State Troopers as the traffic citation hounds, but those very same cops, the state troopers, were the absolute best. They checked up on our house every so many hours. As people congregated to my home, because I make primitive fire and started boiling coffee in a kettle, it was like the pied piper. People arrived. Then the troopers brought information, help for people, and news. When the curfew was lifted by Governor Cuomo, I was sad to see the troopers go. The county police Highway Patrol, were also very good. Nobody from outside our waterfront community wanted to “try” them. Tall, long leaher jackets, big leather boots, flat-top crew cuts, “Oak Tree Convention”. They were really good guys, and had a concern for our community. Missouri has special concerns. How about everyone, looking before they leap.