Kevin Rice: Liberal hypocrisy rampant on gun control

Free State Patriot

kevin rice“Liberals insist we disarm ourselves and rely upon government to keep us safe; while simultaneously advocating for and enacting policies which make the world a more dangerous place to live.”David Risselada

2nd amendment

There have been a number of instances where the federal government have failed to secure their own firearms. This summer a stolen federal agent’s gun was used by an illegal alien Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez to murder and American citizen, Kathryn Steinle on a California pier in front of her father. On September 29, 2015, 27 year old Antonio Ramos from Oakland was shot and killed by 20 year old Marquise Holloway using a stolen gun from an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent. This gun had been stolen from the sanctuary city of San Francisco by Sean Gibson during a car burglary.

An article from Crime/ Law and Order states that “Federal agents and police lose track of…

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