Obama Planning Executive Order for Gun Control

It’s going to get worse, only because Obama will inflame things. When it does get worse, expect shots fired, all over the nation. Perfect cover for ISIS to take out Obama, and then my only question will be, where do I send the case of hooch?

American Patriot Reality Check

You’ve been warned time and time again.

Americans on both sides of this particular strategic fence.

Americans with guns have been warned the Left is going to go all out to ban guns before Obama leaves office.

Americans on the Left, the gun-banners have been warned NOT to go for broke.

Now it is coming down to the wire, Obama is on his way out (because he IS leaving office whether he wants to or not, and regardless of Leftist conspiracy theories about G W Bush trying to remain in office, it’s NOT going to happen with Obama).

Another shooting happened yesterday, implemented by a Muslim extremist.  Which is to say “A Muslim, or man of Islam”.  Interesting how they keep saying it was “Domestic Terrorism” because he’s an American Citizen.

Interesting how they keep going after the guns, isn’t it?

Interesting how they want to go after cops and…

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