CALLING All (Former) Marines:”Deal” With ISIS In America, Lead The Charge! Semper Fi. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

H/T: Gunny G. (Ears perked and Eyeballs clicking)


Adina Kutnicki

IMG_0689-11AS hard as Obama Inc. attempts to Allah-wash it, there is no doubt that ISIS is embedded within America. Therefore, this site asserted the following in April, as well as on multiple occasions since the beginning of 2014:

LIKE a broken record, multiple alarms have been emitting sirens re ISIS, and their ability to launch devastating attacks inside the U.S.

THESE blaring warnings (almost always) expose two main lies. Resultant, they COMPOUND and piggyback one another.


ON the one hand, the Feds DENY that ISIS is even a real threat. Indeed, they have “assessed” that it is a fragmented organization without requisite juice, although attention seeking. Ipso facto, all the “crazies” in alternative media should calm down and shut the hell up! Yup, this is what we are being told, some directly, others indirectly.

BE that as it may, this investigative journalist raked HUSSEIN Obama’s top…

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