Winston Churchill on why the American Constitution matters

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This is from the National Constitution Center.   

Winston Churchill knew more about the United States Constitution than the alleged Constitutional Scholar in the White House.

On the 141st anniversary of his birth, Constitution Daily looks back at what the British leader and author Sir Winston Churchill had to say about the American Constitution, which was quite a lot.


Churchill addresses the U.S. Congress

After all, although Churchill came from a prominent British family on his father’s side, his mother was an American, Jennie Jerome. He was a British citizen, but in 1963, Churchill was the first person even honored by the United States Congress and President as an honorary American citizen.

In 1965, former President Dwight Eisenhower recalled a past conversation with Churchill when he spoke about his American heritage. ““My mother was American and my ancestors were officers in Washington’s army, I am myself an English-speaking union,” Churchill…

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    • He’s too damned stupid to know it. How is it, that Obama was a “Constitutional Professor”, but does not know the Constitution or how it works or why it works? I say, the bum bought his degree at some diploma mill and was never vetted. Then him and his wife facing disbarment in Illinois, as I suspect, neither really has any college degree. The whole think stinks to high heaven and imbeciles re-elect him! Aside from Reagan, whom I will always say was the best president, Eisenhower was excellent also. Other than that, America has been floundering, then when this bum, Obama came along, America bottomed out. Carter (!) looks like a might nuclear submarine captain (as he was), as compared to the Traitor-In-Chief. Yo, Chief! How about those terrorists coming into the nation? Oh, those are his Muslim buddies, so again, “Climate Change!”. The guy’s an AssClown.

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